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Synthetic Hormone Replacement and Increased Breast Cancer- No New Surprises

Many people have been asking me about the recent report claiming hormone replacement therapy increases breast cancer growth. This report (results from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)) is not really telling us anything new. We know that premarin (estrogen derived from pregnant horses) and provera (a progestin- or synthetic progesterone) cause increased rates of breast […]

Heart Disease and Hormone Replacement Therapy

I am 2-days post my delivery due date and, as evident from my recent blogs, have pregnancy on my mind. But, a huge part of my practice is working with Perimenopausal and Menopausal woman and I am always keeping up with the latest research on women, aging and hormones. A lot of fear surrounds hormone […]

Listen to me on Get Smart Radio

I recently spoke on about women and their menstrual cycle-from PMS to Menopause. Click on the link to listen to the podcast.

Sex Hormones and Mood

Hormones affect mood. It really is that simple. However, the basic concept that hormones affect mood is not widely appreciated or investigated when a patient presents to the doctor with symptoms of depression or anxiety. Mainstream medicine is quick to “fix” anxiety and depression with prescription medication. Sometimes these medications are absolutely indicated, but not […]