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Sophie’s week in lunches

This was another short week of lunches at Sophie’s school due to Yom Kippur. I definitely feel I did not do a lot of planning for this week and found myself in the morning staring in the fridge wondering what to make. MONDAY – Brown rice with lentil salad (lentils, red onions, carrots, olive oil […]

The Before and After Lunch Box

Here’s Sophie’s before and after lunch box this week.  Because of Rosh Hashanah we only had 2 days of school before her Friday pizza/pasta lunch. WEDNESDAY – Before Seaweed salad (from Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food – purchased at our local Farmer’s Market) Roasted beets Sauteed tempeh (sauteed in a small amount of grapeseed oil) Kiwi […]

Healthy Lunches for your Kids

School is back in session and it’s time to start packing lunches again. We want our kids’ lunches to be nutrient dense, healthy and enjoyed by our little ones. I often discuss the benefits of packing healthy school lunches to my patients such as, healthy immune system, improved energy, and better school performance. I am […]

Raw Cacao Truffles

This delicious recipe will be included in Akasha’s next holiday newsletter. I made these truffles yesterday for Kirk to bring to work this week. They are decadent and so, so easy to make. 2 cups raw almonds – ground ¾ cup raw cacao powder 5 dates, pitted ½ cup raw organic honey or agave (I […]

Raw Chia Seed and Oat Porridge

I made this (almost) raw porridge this morning- the whole family loved it.  The chia and hemp seeds add fiber and lots of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. ¼ cup chia seeds* 1/2 cup organic rolled oats** 6 dates (remove pits) 4 Tablespoons hemp seeds ½ teaspoon vanilla ½ teaspoon cinnamon Pinch of nutmeg Pinch […]

The 411 on Milk Alternatives

If you or your children do not drink cow’s milk, there are a lot of non-dairy alternatives to choose from.  Milk can be made from almond, rice, soy, oat, coconut or hemp and come in a variety of flavors such as plain, vanilla, chocolate and carob. My favorite for Sophie (my almost 18-month old who […]

Sunday Millet Breakfast

Millet is a gluten-free grain and one of the least allergenic grains available. It is a small, round, yellow grain and can be found in most health food stores. If you’re not used to eating millet for breakfast (or eating millet at any time of day), try this hearty and flavorful recipe. You can use […]

Sophie’s Macro Bowl

The whole family enjoyed “Sophie’s Macro Bowl” for dinner tonight. A macrobiotic meal balances yin (cold, sweet, and passive) with yang (hot, salty and aggressive) and helps to promote optimum health and wellbeing.  This makes about 6-8 servings (we have a lot of leftovers). 2-3 cups adzuki beans (see recipe below) 2-3-cups millet, broccoli & […]

Getting Veggies into Toddlers

I get such satisfaction watching Sophie eat organic, whole foods. Tonight she devoured my Broccoli, Spinach & Quinoa Soup.  This is a tasty and satisfying recipe and certainly tastes better than it reads if you are skeptical of vegetables. Getting kids to eat vegetables can be challenging.  It’s the green foods that tend to be […]

Healthy Holiday Treats

I have been making raw truffles for the holiday.  I made over 150 truffles this week for friends, family and office staff. They are decadent and satisfying and allow you to indulge while eating gluten-free and vegan. Our Chocolate Carob Truffles have been a big hit so far: Chocolate Carob Truffles (makes about 25 truffles) […]