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Early Menopause Increases Risk of Heart Disease

A number of recent studies have identified that early menopause (before age 46) increases risk of heart disease. The most recent study, scheduled for release in next month’s issue of Menopause, found that women who experience early menopause may have double the risk of heart disease and stroke. In June, the journal Menopause published another […]

Breastfeeding Associated with Lower Blood Pressure

A new study has just tied breastfeeding to lower blood pressure risk later in life.  In their study, the authors state that women who did not breastfeed had a 22% higher risk of developing high blood pressure. The authors go so far as to claim that 12% of hypertensive women may actually have high blood […]

Depression and Strokes

This new study links depression in middle aged and elderly women to an increase risk of strokes.  It also finds that use of anti-depressant medication is associated with increased stroke risk. Onset of depression increases during the menopausal years and, many times, anti-depressants are not the answer.  Addressing hormones and lifestyle factors can affect the […]

When to Choose Organic

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently published their updated shopper’s guide to pesticides. The “Dirty Dozen” comprise the 12-most contaminated fruits and vegetables. EWG research has found that people who eat these 12 fruits and vegetables (conventionally grown) consume, on average, 10 pesticides a day.

It’s so much more than just Cholesterol – Women and thier Hearts part 2

People are fixated on their total cholesterol number. I often hear people bragging at dinner parties about their low cholesterol levels (thanks to their recently prescribed statin). While total cholesterol numbers are important they are just part of the data which helps us understand cardiovascular disease risk. As I shall explain below, understanding, preventing and […]

Women and Their Hearts

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. Heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes, kills more women than breast, ovarian, colon and all other cancers combined. And even though more women will die each year from heart disease than men, women have more difficulty obtaining accurate cardiovascular diagnoses and receiving effective therapies […]

A Flawed Study on Vitamin C and Vitamin E

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) proclaimed that vitamin E and vitamin C do not protect against heart disease in men. This finding provoked interest around the world. I am a true believer in proper supplementation – both for the prevention and treatment of health conditions – so I […]