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Carbs can Increase the Risk of Early Alzheimer’s

I just came across this article reporting that carbohydrates can increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease while protein and fat  actually decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. This article was published in the “Star Tribune” and discusses the study that was  recently published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (I’m working on tracking down the study). […]

Early Menopause Increases Risk of Heart Disease

A number of recent studies have identified that early menopause (before age 46) increases risk of heart disease. The most recent study, scheduled for release in next month’s issue of Menopause, found that women who experience early menopause may have double the risk of heart disease and stroke. In June, the journal Menopause published another […]

Can birth control pills affect memory?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. My lack of writing has more to do with schedule and life than for lack of noteworthy research.  But this research is so interesting it brought me back to you. This study suggests that women on birth control pills have more of a tendency to remember the gist […]

Depression and Strokes

This new study links depression in middle aged and elderly women to an increase risk of strokes.  It also finds that use of anti-depressant medication is associated with increased stroke risk. Onset of depression increases during the menopausal years and, many times, anti-depressants are not the answer.  Addressing hormones and lifestyle factors can affect the […]

Healthy Estrogen Diet

A healthy liver and clean body are essential for hormonal balance. Estrogen, the hormone responsible for breast development, hips, menstrual cycles, good moods, sharp minds, strong bones and healthy cholesterol levels, is affected adversely by the environmental toxins we are exposed to every day.  Certain chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, and combustion byproducts tax the liver and […]

Stress, Hormones and the Female Body

Every year I write an article on how to manage stress during the holiday season.  While learning stress management tools are important, it also important to appreciate how stress affects our body and our hormones. Stress produces a hormonal response.  Whether the stress is induced by running into a tiger in the woods, as experienced […]

Synthetic Hormone Replacement and Increased Breast Cancer- No New Surprises

Many people have been asking me about the recent report claiming hormone replacement therapy increases breast cancer growth. This report (results from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)) is not really telling us anything new. We know that premarin (estrogen derived from pregnant horses) and provera (a progestin- or synthetic progesterone) cause increased rates of breast […]

Hello Again…

I have received quite a few emails reminding me that there has been a bit of blog inactivity. This is true. My apologies. I am working on so many wonderful projects at the moment- it seems my blog has been neglected. As for my projects—Akasha’s next Take Charge Group Cleanse starts on July 7th at […]

Heart Disease and Hormone Replacement Therapy

I am 2-days post my delivery due date and, as evident from my recent blogs, have pregnancy on my mind. But, a huge part of my practice is working with Perimenopausal and Menopausal woman and I am always keeping up with the latest research on women, aging and hormones. A lot of fear surrounds hormone […]

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I recently spoke on about women and their menstrual cycle-from PMS to Menopause. Click on the link to listen to the podcast.