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FDA is lowering recommended dose for insomnia drug Ambien

FDA approved the use of Ambien in 1992. Now, with over 20-years of use, the FDA is changing its recommended dosage guidelines for safety reasons.  New research is showing that taking the medication zolpidem (i.e. Ambien) at night can impair morning alertness in women. The data implies that Ambien’s sedative and hypnotic effects linger longer […]

Depression and Insomnia Dance

Depression and insomnia are closely linked.  This study suggests that insomnia is a risk factor for depression and, likewise, depression a risk factor for insomnia. So, early treatment of insomnia may prevent against the subsequent development of depression.  Here are some natural suggestions to address insomnia.  There are a lot of different manifestations of insomnia- […]

Back Sleeping May Be Linked to Stillbirth

Stillbirth is what we call the death of a fetus 20 weeks or longer into pregnancy. A new study suggests that women who sleep on their back during pregnancy might face a higher risk for stillbirth than women who sleep on their left sides. Researchers agree that more research is needed before an aggressive back […]