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Homemade Almond Milk

Sophie and I made some  delicious almond milk today.  While it is pretty easy to find almond milk these days, homemade almond milk is tastier, fresher and more rewarding to sip.  Most store bought milk contain additives that aren’t naturally found in milk.  And, really, there is nothing quite as delicious as freshly made raw, […]

411 on Soy

I received a number of emails after my recent post on milk alternatives expressing disappointment with my terse discussion of soymilk. Let’s look at the controversy. I realize that there is a lot of confusion about soy- is it a health food or is it bad for us? Soy is complicated and we cannot easily […]

The 411 on Milk Alternatives

If you or your children do not drink cow’s milk, there are a lot of non-dairy alternatives to choose from.  Milk can be made from almond, rice, soy, oat, coconut or hemp and come in a variety of flavors such as plain, vanilla, chocolate and carob. My favorite for Sophie (my almost 18-month old who […]