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Healthy Estrogen Diet

A healthy liver and clean body are essential for hormonal balance. Estrogen, the hormone responsible for breast development, hips, menstrual cycles, good moods, sharp minds, strong bones and healthy cholesterol levels, is affected adversely by the environmental toxins we are exposed to every day. ┬áCertain chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, and combustion byproducts tax the liver and […]

Listen to me on Get Smart Radio

I recently spoke on about women and their menstrual cycle-from PMS to Menopause. Click on the link to listen to the podcast.

Saffron Improves PMS

Most people think of saffron as a spice that adds vibrant color and rich flavoring to cooking. But a recent study has shown that in addition to its culinary benefits, saffron has been effective in improving symptoms of mild to moderate depression and PMS. The March 2008 issue of BLOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics […]