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Depression and Insomnia Dance

Depression and insomnia are closely linked.  This study suggests that insomnia is a risk factor for depression and, likewise, depression a risk factor for insomnia. So, early treatment of insomnia may prevent against the subsequent development of depression.  Here are some natural suggestions to address insomnia.  There are a lot of different manifestations of insomnia- […]

Lavender and my Sleeping Daughter

  It has been a month since my last blog post.  I have found – like I hear from so many of my patients – that “I have no time.” My writing and  yoga practice have suffered as a result. For the past month Sophie has been on a “sleep strike” – few naps; difficult, […]

Back Sleeping May Be Linked to Stillbirth

Stillbirth is what we call the death of a fetus 20 weeks or longer into pregnancy. A new study suggests that women who sleep on their back during pregnancy might face a higher risk for stillbirth than women who sleep on their left sides. Researchers agree that more research is needed before an aggressive back […]