Women’s Health

Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Understanding when you are fertile is empowering-both for avoiding pregnancy and optimizing chances for conceiving. Click on the fertility awareness method section to learn more.

My Best Birth
A community for women to share experiences and options about pregnancy, natural birth and parenting, created by Ricki Lake and inspired from her documentary, “The Business of Being Born”.

Bioidentical Hormone Society
An organization committed to providing the latest research on bioidentical hormones. While there are membership fees required for access to its many articles, the site provides basic information on bioidentical hormone therapies.       

Green Living

Environmental Working Group
Shares information about environmental toxins and environmental polluters. Helps consumers protect themselves and their families against health problems that have been linked to environmental contaminants

Skin Deep
Part of EWG and ranks the purity of cosmetic products. Unsure if the ingredients in your facial soap, moisturizer, or shampoo are safe---just look it up.

EcoUsasble Bottles are durable, lightweight and reusable. They are made from stainless steel, which naturally does not contain BPA. Its stainless steel interior is resistant to corrosion, sanitary and easy to clean.

Durable, reusable containers and tools for eating on the go.

Local Harvest
Find local farmer markets, family farms, organic restaurants, and community supported agriculture.

Sunfood Nutrition
A resource for raw foods, raw food cookbooks, kitchen appliances, nut milk bags, glass straws, and superfoods.
Naturopathic Medicine

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
This is a very useful site to learn more about naturopathic medicine or to find a naturopathic physician in your area.

California Association of Naturopathic Doctors
The professional association of naturopathic doctors who live and work in California.

Bastyr University
Bastyr is one of the world's leading academic centers for advancing knowledge about natural medicine.